Specialising in Growing the Industrial Hemp Industry.

For a product that has been around for so long, we don't actually use much of it in Australia... but The Hemp Corporation is working hard to change this.


The Hemp Corporation is looking to partner with Medical Cannabis manufacturers.
Although now legal in Australia, there are many rules and regulations around growing the correct product.

The Hemp Corporation is partnering with like-minded parties who believe in the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Growers & Seed Supply

We supply hemp seed, have years of practical experience growing hemp in Australia. We also a offer a consultancy program.
We will share the knowledge you need to follow to achieve maximum returns as a grower. Sadly, we have seen many people plant hemp without knowing how to grow it and have THC levels go above the legal limit - which can sometimes result in the whole crop being destroyed.

The Hemp Corporation is ready to do contracts with interested growers.

Partners & Investors

The Hemp Corporation is looking for people that share our passion for the potentials of industrial hemp.
We have markets for Fibre, Hurd and Seed.
The Hemp Corporation has a portable decortication machine for hire.

Potential partners or investors are encouraged to speak with Colin to learn more about the potential returns.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To help build a hemp industry in Australia and we believe collaboration is the key to making a profitable industry, whether it is for industrial or medical use.

To build a hemp seed bank available for growing either Medicinal Products, Building Materials or Hemp Foods.

To facilitate the importation of hemp processing machinery to Australia to create a hemp industry, leading to employment and export opportunities of processed products.

The Hemp Corporation

...............Available for Consultancy................. The Hemp Corporation has a licence to cultivate, harvest and process Industrial Hemp in NSW, Australia